CA Final Set B SPOM (SCPM) Fastrack By CA Sankalp Kanstiya

CA Final Set B SPOM (SCPM) Fastrack By CA Sankalp Kanstiya

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This batch is applicable for May 24 and onward students

Pendrive will be issued after the completion of the batch 

Kit Content:

Video Lectures + Hard/Soft Copy 


SCPM - (Volume 1 theory - 394 pages
volume 2 MCQ - 396 pages
volume 3 practical book - 296 pages)


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Lecture Duration:

40 - 45 Hours Approx

Additional Info:

Comprehensive Explanation: In-depth breakdown of ICAI 2024 Module concepts for easy understanding.
Illustrative Examples: Real-world scenarios used to clarify theory applications.
Diagrammatic Presentation: Visual aids like flowcharts and graphs to reinforce learning.
Tailored Guidance: Customized support based on individual learning styles.
Accessible Support: Round-the-clock assistance for clarification and questions.
Tailored for CA Final: Designed specifically for May and November 2024 exam preparation.
Versatile Coverage: Covers SCPM and IBS subjects for holistic exam readiness.
All-Inclusive Content: Over 1400 MCQs ensure thorough syllabus coverage.
ICAI Case Scenario Mastery: Prepares students for all case scenarios in the exam.
Strategic Advantage: Equips with problem-solving skills for exam success.

System Requirements

Desktop / Laptop: Operating System: Windows 10 & Above
Ram: 2 GB free memory, Processor – Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz and above
Mobile / Tablet: Android 6 or Higher version

About the Faculty

CA Sankalp Kanstiya



Strong background in finance, particularly in asset management and financial due diligence. Their passion for teaching has driven them to establish an educational venture in Mumbai, providing professional training and financial advisory services.

Over the past 12 years, their teaching approach has focused on conceptual understanding coupled with practical examples, as evidenced in both their book "OPTIMISED" and lectures. They have also contributed as a visiting faculty for various prestigious learning institutes such as ICAI, BCAS, and ICSI. Their expertise has extended to conducting live virtual classes at the All India Level for ICAI.

As an accomplished author, their book on "FINANCE & COSTING" at CA FINAL & INTER Level, named "OPTIMISED," is noteworthy. Additionally, they have created a popular summary book, the "magic book," designed for quick revision, allowing students to cover all chapters in just 1.5 days.

Their online presence includes a YouTube channel with subscribers across India, and the recent launch of "COSTING – OPTIMISED" lectures has garnered significant attention, with 500,000 views in just seven days.

Beyond online content, they continue to actively conduct lectures for CA FINAL & CA Inter FINANCE & COSTING, Our franchisees have spread across India, reflecting the widespread impact of their teaching and expertise in the field.