CA Final IDT FastTrack Course by CA Yashvant Mangal

CA Final IDT FastTrack Course by CA Yashvant Mangal

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Note: For the students who are studying IDT for the first time are suggested to go for full course of Yashvant Sir (which is of 150 hours only) instead of fast track.

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Particulars Details
Faculty CA Yashwant Mangal
Nature of Course  Fast Track Course
Subject P8_Indirect Tax Laws
Applicability FOR MAY 2023 ONWARDS
Study Material 3 Volumes Conceptual Learning Book, 2 Volumes Questionnaire & MCQ book, Colorful Summary Book & Colorful RamBan ChartBook
Total Number of Lectures and hours 70 Hours (approx.)
Views-Validity 1.5 Views & 5Months Validity
Language Hindi- English Mix
Concept Query  Sir's Direct whatsapp number will be given for subject related query with books

GD mode will be available from 4th Jan. 2023 & Pendrive Will be Available From 20th Jan. 2023

Technical Details/Classes run on 

Laptop / Android Mobile 

Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and above, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Processor: Pentium Duar core 2.0 GHz and above